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Apple II -> C64 -> Atari ST -> PC SVGA


Screenshots were taken thanks to NESticle v0.43, an excellent NES emulator made by Bloodlust Software. The gameplay is great and it is still a real pleasure to navigate the ship despite the outdated graphics.

^ Yes, Pirates! was really released on NES ^ ^


^ Near Puerto Bello ^

^ The Treasure Fleet is one of the ten great quests. Capture it ! ^

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This version with enhanced graphics is called Pirates! Gold

^ "Just allow us an hour to show you the wonderful resort timeshare and receive a free dinner as our guest." (thanks Ron) ^ 

^ Between Santa Marta and Rio de la Hacha ^
More screenshots : 1   2

Sega Genesis

The best version I have ever played so far.

^ Now, you have to walk to visit the town ^

^ Leaving Port Royale ^

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